The fun part of the adventure is about learning how to survive and unlocking riddles one by one.
We hold the fort, we fight, and we stand to protect the people behind us.
As fighters, we specialize in penetrating the defense of a single enemy.
Fire, the source of fury and unpredictable force, is the first and most powerful element that created everything. The Earth element allows us to be calm and in control.
Wielding the Water and Air elements, we control the battlefield with ice and lightning spells to intervene in a crowd of enemies.
In the name of the god and goddess, our heart belongs to our people. We do our best to keep everyone alive.
Curse and Bless are two sides of the same coin. But only a good soul can tell the difference.
Axe and cart are the greatest combinations of wreaking havoc and creating chaos among the enemies.
The wealth of the party is the top of our concerns. We are full of surprises and can turn the tables against enemies when needed. Our potential can be used for our party’s best interests.
We can see better from a distance. With a bow in hand, we strike enemies with a rain of arrows.
Once we take a deep breath, we will not miss our target.
Shadow utilizes the path of deception. We’re the best in striking enemies in the dark.
Poison is a perfect weapon. It flows through the veins without detection.