December 2-8, 2021 – 5 PM – 1 AM (GMT+8)

In the Philippines

Now, the Pre-CBT has finally come in Philippines!
Available for Android Device only.

Please Note: During the test, you may encounter many problems, and the progress during the Pre-CBT will be reset in the version that will be officially launched.

APK file is not available. Playing on Android Emulators (on PC) is not supported in the Pre-CBT.



This Pre-CBT period, we will begin in the Philippines. Access for other countries will be available later. Please stay tuned for our updates.
The price of items in the shop is not the actual price that will be used in the official launches.
The progress during the Pre-CBT will be reset in the official launch.
During the Pre-CBT period, the game is available in Android devices only. Access for iOS devices will be available later. Please stay tuned in our website and fanpage.
During the Pre-CBT period, Android Emulators (for playing on PC) is not supported. You may be able to download the game via google play store on emulators, but the game will not run properly, and you will find many problems of the game. APK file is not available in the Pre-CBT period. You can download the game via Google Play Store.
If you can't download the game, please check your mobile's storage space (1.5 GB needed) or update your device OS to the latest version. However, if you've installed it successfully but still can't play properly, please check the minimum requirement above.
For a smooth playing experience, make sure you are connected to a stable network. Please always use a strong network or a stable 4G connection when playing the game. The Internet speed minimum required is about 5 Mbps+, our recommendation is about 10 Mbps.
During the Pre-CBT period, reconnect system still on working. Sometime, it might has connection problem. You need to re-access the game.
All your opinions, suggestions, and ideas are important! Please submit your feedback through Survey Questionnaire Or you can find Survey Questionaire in Game Setting >> Account.
During the Pre-CBT period, if you find any bug or problem, don't hesitate to report us via Support Ticket.

However, there are known issues that have been identified and are under our investigation or scheduled to be fixed. Please take note of the list below: List of Known Issues.
You can set the system to show limited character. If characters in the community hall are more than the amount that you set, it will show as shadow where those characters stand.